Wolf Kater :: Custom made musical instruments Wolf Kater :: Custom made musical instruments
Wolf Kater :: Custom made musical instruments
"I love love LOVE my guitar. It plays me, allows me to do things I have never done before. It sings to me. Beautiful original design. Woods especially chosen for me. It's the best guitar I've ever owned in 52 years of playing." Penny Lang
"You don't have to wait 30 years for your guitar to sound sweet. Wolf guitars are already sweet, built right into the instrument. I've yet to find any other guitar that sounds as sweet right off the rack. These guitars are NOT off any rack." 12 string acoustic dreadnaught
Acoustic-electric left-handed dreadnaught cutaway - 6 string "My Wolfie guitar is amazing. Being a lefty I would never have found an instrument like this. I love everything about it. The sound is awesome both acoustic and amplified. This guitar is ME."
"The guitar is drop-dead gorgeous. I mean truly a thing of staring beauty. Ebony peghead, fingerboard and of course the ebony Pickguard beautifully faired and sculpted against the curve of the cutaway. Why words, just look at the picture. I know it's best to put the guitar in its case and humidify during heating season but this beauty will spend most of its time out of its case." Acoustic-electric dreadnaught jumbo
Acoustic-electric archtop "She really has gone to a good home and I will bring her up properly with good table manners and a college education. This is such a beautiful instrument, it goes without saying that I am delighted with the action and overall sound which is crisp and round with lots of sustain all the way up the neck. Thank you Wolf for the time and trouble you went to in making this instrument. I will appreciate it for a very long time."